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Zach Nickell scores first career STLMS victory at West Texas Raceway

stlmsPole sitter Ray Allen Kulhanek broke a rearend on lap one to fallout early handing the lead over to Zach Nickell. Nickell was able to fend off several charges form reigning STLMS champion Cody Leonard. As the leaders raced through lapped traffic Colton Horner was able to slip by for the lead. Horner pulled out to a large lead, but had to retire due to a broken RF shock relinquishing the lead back to Nickell. Nickell was able hold on to the lead to take his first ever late model feature win with the $2000 pay day. (Pole Position photo)

Winner’s car: Rocket powered by Mark’s Machine Shop Powerplant.

Sponsors: Mark’s Machine Shop, BB Welding and equipment repair.

Media Results for 5/14/2021 at West Texas Raceway - Lubbock, TX

Dirt Late Models 18 Entries

A Feature 1 25 Laps | 00:19:05.732 1. 55-Zach NIckell[2]; 2. 4-Kip Hughes[4]; 3. 48-Cody Leonard[8]; 4. 66-Hayden Ross[9]; 5. 81-Troy Bynum[6]; 6. 14G-Joe Godsey[7]; 7. 5R-Kaleb Roach[11]; 8. 71-Philip Houston[18]; 9. 26-Dean Abbey[10]; 10. 118-Mike Fenton[15]; 11. 53X-Matt Fox[12]; 12. 56JR-Colton Horner[3]; 13. 12-Brandon Brzozowski[13]; 14. 29A-Mike Hathaway[16]; 15. 15-Wayne Bush[14]; 16. 29C-LJ Crossey[17]; 17. 1-Eddie Tidwell[5]; 18. 33-Ray Allen Kulhanek[1]

Heat 1 10 Laps | 00:04:09.602 1. 4-Kip Hughes[4]; 2. 55-Zach NIckell[2]; 3. 14G-Joe Godsey[1]; 4. 26-Dean Abbey[6]; 5. 12-Brandon Brzozowski[3]; 6. 29A-Mike Hathaway[5]

Heat 2 10 Laps | 00:02:58.775 1. 81-Troy Bynum[4]; 2. 33-Ray Allen Kulhanek[1]; 3. 48-Cody Leonard[5]; 4. 5R-Kaleb Roach[6]; 5. 15-Wayne Bush[3]; 6. 29C-LJ Crossey[2]

Heat 3 10 Laps | 00:02:34.532 1. 56JR-Colton Horner[2]; 2. 1-Eddie Tidwell[4]; 3. 66-Hayden Ross[6]; 4. 53X-Matt Fox[3]; 5. 118-Mike Fenton[5]; 6. 71-Philip Houston[1]